Poem: Cry of an unborn child

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It usually walks around the womb by pushing off with its feet,
This time, she heard a cry along with the kicking and punching.
Mommy, I am floating in your tummy, feeling snug and warm.
But I don’t want to come out of this comfortable and cozy place.
The world outside is brutal barbarous :
There are haters, abusers, ravagers, rapers.
I know mommy, I’ll have a restrained, restricted life –
Suppressing the desires in fear of being judged.
I’ll be rated throughout my life: remarked upon the color, shape, size.
If I’ll be, what they say ‘perfect’ –
I’ll be envied or leered upon
And If I don’t, I’ll be looked down upon.
People are impostors: monsters with faces of friends.
The world is full of liars, tricksters, and deceivers.
Don’t bring me to life, mommy.
I know you and dad love me.
But this world does not,
Even they’ll say, they do; I know.
They are hoaxers, hypocrites.
I am safe and secure in this little room,
Don’t push me to this atrocious abhorrent world.

Poet’s note

This is the cry of an unborn female child. She pleads her mother not to bring her to life. She is comfortable here in the womb. The outside world is cruel and judgmental. Girls are always judged by their color, shape, and size. Now and then, we hear about cases of sexual abuse, acid attack, a violation against women, and whatnot. Moreover, the world is full of hypocrites and deceivers. She does not want to leave this cozy place and come to this brutal world.

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  1. vision of a mature mind(who observed and aware of the harsh reality of our society) is beautifully depicted through the cry of unborn child……

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