Dreams of longing for distant

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I long for quiet mornings,
The peace to stare at the bright sky,
For my eyes to wake up to nothing but myself,
To talk, to buzz, to serene in my own thoughts,
And plan coffee dates and workout routines.

I long for beautiful sunsets,
The sunrays painting my balcony orange,
I gulp down water with it
Tea can’t seem to satisfy the need 
For sometime solid,
To contain this beauty and let it seep through my being.

I long for starry nights and the dark, 
Hiding secrets in its pocket
And giving out the gift of privacy.
Shuffles of memory lane 
Along the soft whispers of trees
Body giving in the intense need to rest
And a way to the unknown.

I long for things so close
Closest to reach, 
See them becoming invisible and pixelated.
As my body strain for the vision afar,
Eyes focus on tomorrow more
More than my heart could find comfort in today.
It doesn’t fright the quiet, trust me.
This little heart is just afraid of the loneliness 
To surround this fragile being when alone.

It needs silent melodies,
Not the tick tock off my wall.
It needs peaceful quiet,
Not the solitude from the skies.
And so, distractions are used as shield
And multitask as armour 
I Keep longing for my self
I Keep longing for my own company. 

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  1. अतिशय गूढ व सुंदर रचना जी अचेतन व अमूर्त विषयाकडे घेऊन जात आहे सुन्दर कविता

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