What We Are

The vision of The ArmChair Journal is to build an institution for credible and accessible public discourse in India. 

The Journal aims to achieve the vision by forwarding five objectives

1. Promoting diversity in what we publish

We would publish writings from all schools of thought without discrimination. We believe promoting diversity as a value can enhance our openness to contrary points of view in shaping public discourse.

2. Popularizing Theels as a mode of expression

Theels are thoughts and feelings acting together in perceiving the world. The ArmChair Journal treats Theels as a legitimate method of articulation on par with articles in philosophy/Ideas published by many other magazines. Theels also place emotion/feeling, which is generally sidelined, on par with reason/thought glorified by modernity.

3. Facilitate the growth of passionate researchers into public intellectuals

Since most academic quality journals are inaccessible to common people, researchers can publish their articles on The ArmChair Journal and reach a common audience. Writers and readers can engage with each other in the reviews section under all published articles. The journal aims to metaphysically break the physical boundary walls of universities.

4. Document social life and experience during our times

To serve as an expression of life events and experiences, we created a category of personal stories. Since social life is expressed through personal experiences, this category serves as documentation of the relationship between individuals and the society they engage with.

5. Improve public discourse by facilitating readers to express the bias they perceive

Every article published in our journal has a Review Corner for readers to vote on their perception of quality and bias in the article. These reviews serve as feedback mechanisms for writers to improve. The aggregate bias perception of the journal by readers is displayed on the homepage as an average bias rating of all articles. 

We incorporated two symbolisms towards pursuing these goals

  1. Our Logo: A triangle embedded in a heart, as a symbolic representation for ‘Theel’
  2. Our Name: We are ‘ArmChair’ to instil confidence into younger citizens to express 

Who can write for us?

A minimum of 1000 words is what is required for articles. Elaborate guidelines are here. If you think your piece subscribes to our standards, share it with [email protected].

We publish in many categories, but do not let category limits your thoughts and feelings. Write as you wish, and we can figure out a category for you. Our Editors take a look at the piece to see if they fall within the guidelines, and suggest any issues that may be there in taking the article for publication. 

The ArmChair Journal does not subscribe to any views. All the views expressed are the views of the respective authors.

Theel on life!