Poem: “She”

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Why didn’t he die?
He deserves death, painful cruel death.
Yama should shoot him with his sharpest arrow–
It’s sad that people on Earth couldn’t do that
Despite knowing he was a molester;
They let the girl die, 
Out of shame, out of pain
Cowards, aren’t they? 
Gods up there sigh.

But his death shouldn’t be slow.
Wonder what other things he could do, 
It if were slow, and he had more time,
He wouldn’t have spared her, even for a dime.
He molested the girl, who was of his own kin
Started the conversation by saying “you’re so thin”
“Look at your collarbone, he said, “It has a hole”
Came closer to her, in an attempt to cajole.
The curtains were drawn, the room was dim,
Little did the girl know, he was about to commit a sin.
You know, it was her haven, her very home
He had the audacity to molest her, despite knowing he wasn’t alone
There were other people in the hall,
He slightly closed the door, making sure nothing falls. 
She had entered the room where the guest was sitting, 
Happily, merrily to take some medicines,
He touched her stomach, ran his dirty hands up and down,
Did all this, without the slightest frown.
Then, he proceeded to touch her breasts, saying, 
“You’re growing up, you know where to put on some weight, and it’s for the best”
She felt very uncomfortable, but she was taught to be nice over being safe,
Never did she fathom that that is how he would behave,
She knew something was wrong, not quite right,
Yet, the fear of something worse happening rendered her quiet.
He looked straight into her with his perverted eyes,
No justification, no explanation of his act would ever suffice.
He ran his hands down her back, touched her hips,
When he heard a “quack”, immediately, he stepped back.
Waited for a minute or two,
Not seeing anyone coming, he pounced on her again without further ado.
This time, he held her breasts as well as her hips,
“I just care about you,” he said from his disgusting lips.
While touching her everywhere, he threatened, 
“Don’t say this to your mom, I beckon”
“I want you to be healthy and safe,
I will teach you about it some other day.
I will take your class soon”
It was the month of May, and 12 o’clock in the noon.
She was fuming from within but couldn’t shout,
The fear of him molesting others who were out
In the hall, is what made her take that call
Of not screaming for help, she was naive and way too innocent.
Just when he heard some noise, he opened the door,
Stood still and poised.
He tried to pretend it all happened in good humour,
Laughed at the end as if it were a rumour.
The girl ran out of the house and took the stairs,
While he came running after her, how in the world did he dare!
She told her mom all about it, at night
Devastated yet agitated, she knew, now anyone in the world could she fight
Punch, slap or even bite
Safety is first, not being polite.

Molesters and rapists cannot be left free,
It’s just a shame on humanity.
Take a gun, shoot them all
Make the world safe and secure,
For once, and for all.
Or, tie their hands onto a horse,
And their legs, onto another one
Then, make them run in two opposite directions,
Even better, cut their body parts 
Part by part, 
From their toes up to the heart,
Beat them so hard, 
Leave their body extremely charred.
This is the punishment they deserve,
C’mon people,
Let the world say “you have a lot of nerve”
Justice now “we” will serve.

Featured Image Credits: Miguel Bruna on Unsplash

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