The Talking Bird

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I sneak out of the window 

With my diamond eyes 

The dew on leaves in the morning 

Which I find pure and fruity 

I glide above the people 

Seeing them rushing 

To their destinations 

By which they will excel

Soon I catch my phase 

Between the clouds 

With my other mates 

Doing nothing but enjoying with full grace. 

In between I see 

A crowd gathering 

Looking on to the fallen dog 

But no one is ready to help his poor soul. 

I wonder, what will happen to the human life

Who do not hold any dignity at all

What kind brain and knowledge they bear

Yet hollow from all spheres. 

I question myself 

What are my diamond eyes for?

To see the suffering 

Or why did I sneak out of my window?

With the fall of dew yet again

My heart beats 

To take a step and fly

Maybe I’ll see something golden 

By which I will feel glad and happy in this paradise. 

Featured Image Credits: Photo by Peter Wormstetter on Unsplash

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