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They saw the tender leaves

Fluttering in the cosy wind.

So pleasant so pretty and

So pure was the posy;

It feasted their eyes

With its mesmerising radiance!

Emerald green was the scene.

The yellow posies appeared

As if the smiles that

Evoked new hopes in them!

But, no one noticed it’s birth.

Centred from a dead, ruined,

Stagnant river!

No life confronted this peril

Except the one, the Brave!

Embraced by darkness, posies

Whither their fabricated smile.

And as a whole stoop down,

Lifeless, contempt of the

Approaching dawn.

Minutes went like years,

Hours like decades, 

And each nights like centuries

She felt!

As a new morn starts to

Grow on behalf of its father,

Wakes she from her inner solitude

To braid a new cloak that

Masks her with a sham blush.

For life was nothing to her

But the one that gifted her

With infinite choices to

Bring the hag out of her.

But she chose to succeed

Than to surrender!

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