Food Heroes- A Poetic Dedication to Farmers

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Their day starts even before the sunshine,

Performing a job 24×7 and not in shifts of six or nine,

Tillage, seeding, and harvesting grains to serve you a perfect dine,

Ever wondered if these superheroes are fine?

Standing in the mandi to get a fair price above the margin line,

Pleading for an amendment in law that should not have received an approving sign,

The world knows that farmers are our strength, power, and spine, 

It’s time to reward and respect their efforts by becoming their helpline,  

And salute these food heroes as their contributions are truly divine.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

Noor Bagga and Nehmat Bagga
Noor Bagga and Nehmat Bagga are Twin authors and environmentalists who bring a smile to people's faces and spread awareness through their writing.


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