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Swimming with my insecurities,
My heart says
“ Don’t burn up your dream cities ”
Laughing with my pain
My soul whispers
“ Just let me fly , again ”
Playing cards with my depression
My guardian angel advices
“ Success is there , just beyond your vision ”
Lying with my broken heart
My gut screams
“ Just do your part ”
Hoping with my broken spirit
My intuition tells
“ All your worries aren’t legit ”
Dancing with my misery
My instincts speaks
“ Just write your life poetry ”

Image Credit: Brooklyn NY mural by Tristan Eaton.

Divya Gupta
Divya Gupta is just trying to find words for every feeing . She firmly believes in power of love and empathy . She foresees words as a powerful tool in changing course of people’s lives.


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