Poem: The justified genocide

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Mighty armies rallied, flexing their flexed muscles, ready for their
Justified genocide, waiting
For that red rose, the dawn, to execute their task
Smiling and unfettered rises the red rose
High in the sky, heralding a new day
Laughing maniacally at those men who justify their
Genocide in the name of aspirations
For it has seen hopeless aspirations crumble
To dust, forever forgotten
For it has seen the losers taste dust at victor’s and
Victor’s taste dust at nature’s hands
Fighting raged on and on
Still the red rose rose high above into the skies, laughing
At the stupidity of these humans
Who refuse to be enlightened
Who drew themselves into a much darker cloak
Than that resplendent red rose can ever
Hope to penetrate, much less annihilate
After the guns lost their voice,
In the eerie silence that followed
The loser’s fall in the victor’s war with no survivors
The red rose rose again, smiling and unperturbed
At the sight of those vultures, gathering
For their sumptuous feast in merriment
It has always been the same for the red rose
Genocide favoured only those vultures
And none else ever…..None else ever

Note from the Author:

War is an official political tool. The ultimate tool to achieve the ends as envisioned by nations/empires from times immemorial, as the rhetoric all around us flare up the sentiment for aggressiveness and confrontation, it might at this point of time serve us to remember what war actually does. Before nation states push each other to brink over narrow territorial and strategic aims, it serves us to ponder if war just not another genocide. A genocide which can be explained away as righteous…

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