Poem: For the Sushant

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sushant singh rajput

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They say, I’ve wealth fame name. What else I need?
And they are absolutely right.
I’ve everything, they always yearn for.
Many fans admirers to love adore: They are crazy for a glance,
I am a superstar, after all.
My charming cute killer smile
Can warm the the coldest heart.
Always brimming with positive vibes.
Only if someone ever tried to remove the veil I wear
You wear mask to prevent the spread of the disease
I wear this smiling mask to cover conceal the depressing disease  thriving within.
I can’t cry my heart out, I’m a man of this stereotypical society,
Then too a celebrity, a public figure
People look up to me.
I’ve friends for partying, celebrating my happiness
But none to listen to my sobbing crying heart.
It’s all becoming so heavy murky
I’m drowning in my own cobweb like thoughts
Drenching in my own silent sorrowful tears.
I want someone to come and put loving arms around me, so that I can cry;
Someone to come and say- “It will be alright.”
I know, I need to talk about my anxiety, fear, worries.
I tried. Believe me, I did but still I couldn’t.
If there were someone who could read the pain of these eyes.
There is mechanical laughing sound around,
and I’m forlorn alone.
My peace of heart is falling.
I’m holding it up. I’m trying. I’ll not surrender.
Afterall, I taught you how crucial is life; you shouldn’t end it.
I’m trying hard: Is someone listening?
Do save me from drowning. Take me to the silent shore. Just a helping hand will do it.
I’m trying.Anyone’s there?
I’m drowning and I drowned.

Poet’s note:

People whom you think got everything, name, fame, career, wealth; even they are struggling in their lives with some battle. Be good to them. Be kind. Give them your helping hand. We live in a world where we have so many people for partying but no real friend to share our heart, our feelings. Moreover, “Man can’t cry”, this stereotypical thought leads to depression among men. We should have someone who can understand our pain and with whom we can talk freely. Deep gratitude, regards, and love for Bollywood star, Sushant Singh Rajput, who has left footprints on our hearts.

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  1. Well described true image of the world. Really people are here only to celebrate happiness but not to share your sorrows. RIP Sushant Singh , May his soul rest in peace.

    Keep doing good work Sakshi !!!

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