Deemed Natural

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This is a story of a man,
He says he dies each day,
As all he sees is a hazy way .

By sitting in a corner,
He abuses those days of 1860s
In the chronic times.
When frivolous ideology preponderated 
And people related rhymes.

He is a man who has man in his heart,
He says I know many women desire women,
Yet many other he knows are heterosexual.

He remembers article 14,
And says to himself if everyone is equal
In the eyes of law then why does it discriminate 
When it comes to us.

They seemed similar to him, yet 
He is jealous of them.
When it comes to their love 
People deem it un-natural.

He asks Indian culture if this is 
un-natural then why does the art of
Khajuraho depict different  
Postures of homosexuality.

Featured Image: Pixabay

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