I Miss Sparta

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I miss Sparta

Though born 750 years post the Magna Carta

Engulfed in the humdrum of Consumerist life

I long when sparkles from dories fly

Hopping for groceries on my old rusty car

How wonderful it would be to rein in Pegasus and fly off to adventures afar

Following the same old daily routine

What an experience it would be to fight wolves during the teens[1]

Sleepy and tired faces of globalization and corporatisation

Much better off facing Persian Immortals for the Spartan nation

The Manager says “Work extra in addition from 9 to 5”

Challenge him to a Spartan duel and make him cry

Slogging our lives away for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Let’s make history in Thermopylae and set ballads in motion

Instagram crushes and fickle dates on Tinder

Let’s get our princesses by tearing down the heads of the Hydra asunder[2]

Stepping out for suited booted slavery with urban loneliness largely writ

Wish Gorgo could bid farewell saying “Come back with your shield or on it”

Thou may call me a naïve Luddite and a pantaloonish[3] Romantic

Whose idea of ages bygone is that of a thick headed myopic

Be that as it may if you so please

Much better than the Age of Modernity, Post- Modernity and the AI of Eris

Thou sorry dummies of Übermensch, thy strings pulled by the Market and Google Algorithms

Destined to either the depths of Tartarus or the meadows of Asphodel forever wandering

While in the realm of Morpheus, I with my Hoplon, Xiphos and Cuirass

Having etched my name on the soil of Plataea, the River Styx I am allowed to pass

Into the Garden of Elysium, where bliss forever lasts.

Author’s notes:
  1. Although historian and scholars have expressed doubts about the notion of Spartan teens being sent to fight wolves as a rite of passage being a later exaggeration, I have used the imagery here inspired by the scene from the 2006 movie 300 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RcvITK38P_w).
  2. The reference to the battle between Hercules and Hydra is because of the popular Spartan belief that they were descendants of the legendary Greek Hero. (https://www.academia.edu/4121612/Heracles_and_the_Foundings_of_Sparta_and_Rome).
  3. Here I have used it in the sense of a ‘senile, old pantaloon wearing man’.

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