A tribute to Mahendra Singh Dhoni

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Our Captain Cool
Who finishes off in style
Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Always a class apart
Man who hits the ball straight into our heart
With hopes of millions
He stood tall with all of our aspirations
With a charming smile
This man always ran an extra mile
Whenever we lost, he took all the blame
Always kept the spirit of the game
Started his journey from a small town
But look, now he owns the crown
In 2011 captain cool led the team with fire
And fulfilled an entire nation’s desire
Never seen him losing composure
Even in excessive pressure
This man of dignity and honour
Led our opponents in horror
He finished off in style
Made everyone crazy even of his hairstyle
This man is loved in every corner of this nation
We will always remember his perfection
His extraordinary talent and passion
The man of sheer hard work and brilliance
His game always has a touch of excellence

Photo Credits: India TV

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