Dignity of women is not a gift of men

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In this article, I will talk about the life of women. I will address the most basic question- Can women live? Here the word life cannot be taken as existence. Living means living with guts, feelings, braveness, and honor. But when we see the world in which we live, the plight of women is such that her living in its bare minimum form itself is considered as something of favor by the males around her. So if I talk about her dignity, it seems somewhat exaggerated. The social condition has slightly been based on the created inequalities, arrogance, favoritism by nature.

The men and his pawns (here pawns refers to the women who feel inferior about their gender) have created a belief that because of men alone, women exist and live in this world. As if this world is designed for the male and he is just out of courtesy is giving a place for women to live. It is considered as some charity by the male. Whenever women feel pride in the laws and the modern world which has fought for her liberty and freedom, she learns that it is done by men to uphold their dignity, pride and uphold their liberal credentials. As if they are being liberal in granting freedom to the women, which actually belonged to her in the first place.

We thought the education which we are getting is somewhat helpful for the transformation of the lives of the subjugated people. But, it has been proved false time and again. It is indeed a show off done by the majority in the society. Now we can understand that the mindset somewhat can be changed only through more in-depth understanding and rooted feelings and not through complicated brain-storming. From my young age, I have witnessed women taking unnecessary blame for the vulturous male chauvinism. If men torture a girl or abduct her flesh for their pleasure, the responsibility is immediately put on the girl for not dressing appropriately and oozing his sexual desire. Are women commodities who market themselves? Is she made of only flesh? Doesn’t she have feelings and dignity for herself?

Recently when surfing papers, I witnessed some articles written in a local and a bizarre magazine where it depicted self-standing professional women as a sex toy of the men. According to it, if a woman is successful in her profession, it is only because she has sexually cooperated with her boss. Or she gives the idea for corruption. How shameful is that? Is this because of the male minded sickness burnt in them through yugas and decades? What motivated them to have a shabby thought like this? Even in some circumstances, I have been thrown into a situation where women, mostly in courts, are prone to these vulgar questions and arguments. Why is this attitude of objectifying women not changing? Even if women themselves feel that they have got the freedom to live because of modern education and privileges, this arrogance still takes wild forms among both the educated and uneducated men and his pawns.

Starting from her education, she gets harassed for codes of society. She should not be motivated to pursue her career for herself. Instead, she must be educated just for pleasing society. It is a new requirement for getting a suiter for marriage. Indian marriages revolve around fulfilling the wishes of the groom and his side of the family. We could still witness more than 80% of weddings where the male and his family member of getting dowry or other forms of dowry and bride’s side of the family will become obsessed and burdened to fulfill that demand to get the girl married. Sometimes a girl herself thinks that this custom is right, and it is the female who must take all the burdens in marrying. Even the so-called qualified, educated people give a generous statement saying there is no need for dowry, but the girl’s father has to organize the marriage in a grand manner, which itself should be presumed as dowry. As if the girl is alone going to sit and enjoy the marriage function. Here the women and her parents are mostly taken for granted and the male’s parents keep riding on their shoulders without any shame of uttering such sort of statements because they still feel that it’s the duty of the girl’s father to conduct the marriage and as if they have all the rights to get it done by the bride side.

Who has coded all these rights? Is this a constitutional right for the male and a constitutional duty for the female and her counterparts to obey these selfish and vulgar rules? How is this going to change? I am so perplexed about these sorts of changes because every issue of law cannot be made? Somewhat a feeling of humanity is the need of the century, and that must be cultivated or else these poisonous and selfish rules would prevail. How can these evil rules be curtailed remains a burning question?

So, in this article, I wanted to put in the limelight the pathetic conditions of women in this society and what sort of quality life is she living. An education of grooming humanity and understand-ability should be taught. Common sense and empathy should be groomed time and again because if it is present, at least in a minimal way, women will not be harassed physically, emotionally, and mentally. Objectification of women in any form is it writing or depicting should be punished severely. Education, in its best way, is supposed to be made not only for a job or literacy but for understanding and connecting through humanity. It is supposed to be understood by men that it is not that he is giving up his welfare for the women to live. However, if a man does show respect and feeling for other humans, it is laudable. Having pride in worshiping female deities is not manhood or manliness, but living with women in a dignified manner is. No one is neither inferior or superior. We are just here to live with what we are in need to. So, it is time to treat and uplift human dignity.

Featured Image Credits: Sri Harsha Dantuluri

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