Are animals better than men without ‘sixth sense’?

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All of us in this world like to enjoy. We also strive hard to achieve the bare necessities as it is a necessary and essential condition to live. We also work to get a comfortable and socio-luxurious life. But how do we achieve a society where this is possible. How difficult and complex is it? 

I have this question always, as when I observe nature I could even see animals and birds doing this, like building a nest for them to have a shelter, getting their food, and living with what they are born with. But why we humans are thriving so hard? Even after so much of hard works, sweats, and planning, etc., we still do see more people around us striving so hard but still could not get a single bread or at times have to commit suicide for not having able to get a single meal. 

People always think that humans are the best, and animals are lesser than them as they don’t have minds to think, they can’t communicate, etc. But the essential purpose of life is primarily to live by getting all the necessary amenities which the humans have failed to do so, but animals still get it and live their lives accordingly. 

I sometimes feel that except humans, other living creatures do not suffer a lot, and they enjoy their life for which they are born. I don’t mean to say that we need to be like animals. But I enjoy how they live freely without being bound by any rules, regulations, and social stigmas. Also if the lower animals had sixth sense, I feel they might create disaster to us, as we do to the animals by demolishing their shelters like forests, trees, water resources and being so selfish to achieve our comforts or even luxuries. 

We are manipulating and scattering our sustainability and also their living. Even after destroying and acquiring so much, our demands and greed remain unfulfilled. The purpose of life and creation is nowhere found, as still, humans strive for filling their stomach. Ensuring food for all is a huge issue which is not settled and even after so much of advancements, laws, and civilizations. A large part of the human population still suffers from malnutrition, poverty, etc. 

Are these advancements of destroying nature and other creatures going to make anything for the so-called human masters purposeful, Will it eradicate poverty? Will, it makes human self-sustainable? Will it make us flourish naturally with imbibed gifts which we have acquired usually as the other living creatures do? 

As far as I have observed the history so much of advancements might have developed the civilization but what has it done or will do to eradicate poverty completely. Our systems fail those very people who cultivate food for all. I think animal’s gift would be that they don’t have unproductive laws or governments or society for which they have to work or live till their end and forget to theel for one’s own purpose of life. They are thankful for the nature that they are not unnecessarily controlled by anyone, they live with their own talents which they possess, they can’t do what other creatures do, they can showcase their natural abilities and are not answerable to anyone. 

We like them are born, have to live, and one day die. But we have created complex concepts here by holding people around us in fear of all their ages and not making them live. Every one of us is prepared for social conditioning

Even when I see pets being groomed by people, I feel we make them also like us by making them socially conditioned at times. Some of us do acquaint our souls with pets. Still, somehow, I think we are striving to make them conditioned and confiscating their freedom by building a cage for them when they can and need to fly, tying them in houses when they can freely roam outside though sometimes it can be dangerous to us. But we treat them as in the way we are sought and groomed. 

Generally, any of the creatures are not dependent. They all have the inner instinct to survive here. But the man who possesses the sixth sense feels he is here, and this world belongs only to him. But I feel the sixth sense in us destroys all the other 5 senses, which in general all the creatures have and make us behave worse than an animal. 

Thanks to the nature that other living beings do not depend for their living on someone or they are not bound by any fallacy promises by their masters like we have the masters in the name of governments or the rules for the betterment of one’s lives. Because at times when observing the lives of other creatures, it can be perceived that humans are still not capable of getting their necessities and achieving the purpose of life. Systems of moral policing, unnecessary and unproductive customs, rules, beliefs, and so on, finally seem to help lose one’s own natural insight to live accordingly. 

We do have more laws talking about rights and equality because of not going to have it. Animals do live and exhibit their beautiful natural traits, and they live like us being born, but are they crawling all the time that they need to be set free, asking for rights and amenities to anyone? Who are they afraid of or feel that they had to struggle all throughout their life to come and live in this universe? 

Why we, with our senses being given to us, can’t survive here even after so many techniques being made for easy and comfortable living? Why we always have to condition and seek and ask about our freedom to others? What is causing us to always depend on others for everything when the so-called five senses creatures can build their shelter, make their food without asking anyone? Who does really possess the sense to make a living peacefully? Man or the Animals?

Can a woman judge?

Featured Image Credits: Sri Harsha Dantuluri

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