A plethora of emotions: Dilemmas that haunts self!

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Young woman thinks to make a next step into the future. Girl in doubt and indecision stands of the stairs to the top. Concept of a difficult choice, decision making.

Emotions can be weird

At a moment they make you feel good

Next, they will make you feel all alone in the woods

You may try to catch them up in your way

Push hard to control and escape them away

But all your efforts can be in vain

Leaving you in the ultimate pain.

Things might hurt you hard 

And sometimes shackles your brain and heart

For innumerable reasons, 

And sometimes for no reason perhaps,

A plethora of emotions run into your soul

Mixing your thoughts in a feelings bowl. 

You want to punish the oppressor and take revenge but also to forgive 

But who is the oppressor—the society, your actions or your self-doubt?

In another set of dilemma  

You want to ignore or just let it go  

You want to take an action and give it an end

You want to find a solution but things don’t go well.

But hey, that’s okay to not feel well!

The turmoil of thoughts in your tired brain, 

A state of mind that is not letting you cool

That’s enough to make you look like a absolute fool 

So, you cry and cry to find solace

In the hope of acceptance at some place;

Every now and then, you are running fast 

Faster than your breath 

In the search of something that even you don’t know.

Struggling with self to prove to others that you are well,

Trying to portray what you are not and camouflage what you are! 

In the process of creating a smokescreen, 

You’ve forgotten to see the real screen. 

So, what to do? The dilemma of pleasing others versus yourself 

Is constantly hitting you on the head

Driving you crazy and making your vision hazy. 

I would say, take a deep breath now!

For once, choose yourself and relax your nerves 

In this race, you will catch pace 

Destiny definitely has your place,

This thought may heal your heart 

And like this, a new plethora of emotions start.

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