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One season ends and the other begins
But the mystery of future still remains
Flowers of expectations have fallen
But the buds of hope have filled the garden
A lot has changed in these years
Apart from our dreams and fears
Here in this corridor
Behind that rusty door
We have left our carefree smile
Cause now there are responsibilities of life
Hurt and happiness stood here together
Teaching you it doesn’t matter
Here misery and ecstasy ,were best friends
Telling you life is a little hard to comprehend
On these roads I have met gems
And I know they will conquer the astral realms
I will always cherish their affection
And their advice in the moments of reflection.
Life has taken its due turn
Leaving behind so many lessons to learn
In the tapestry of our experience
Knitted are all of our goodwill and ignorance
Shredding one will rip of the other
Such is the complexity of life all together
And here we all are starting a new chapter ,
Leaving behind all the melancholy and laughter

Image Credit: Absolute Arts

Divya Gupta
Divya Gupta is just trying to find words for every feeing . She firmly believes in power of love and empathy . She foresees words as a powerful tool in changing course of people’s lives


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