Full circle

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Full circle of life

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When emotions brim
When it feels immensely dim
When serendipity turns into zemblanity 
When feelings are deeper than the ocean,
When it feels like a splendidly adorned flower being plucked,
When rain appears to be turning into a dreadful flood,
When the height of emotions surpasses the mountains,
Then venting it out, comes like the flow of a fountain, 
Making the noise similar to a waterfall,
Or perhaps like the splattering of rainfall,
But gradually time compels us to move towards a hopeful glee,
Which one would never want to flee
We then seldom get sad
Finding delight then becomes a new fad
We no more get bothered by any strife
Slowly we get immersed in finding the meaning of life,
We start embracing our difficulties with a beautiful grin,
Always seeking to begin.

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