Poem: Not an unusual day

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Not an unusual day

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The alarm rang at five;
Drowsily, she rubbed the eyes.
Trying hard to leave the bed;
Limping like a zombie, dead.
She woke up to the blanket of darkness;
Unwilling to move that day, I guess.
The world around was still asleep;
For her, the morning was a bit bleak;
She knew, she had no time to be meek.
Furbishing herself, she tightened up her belt;
Tied up to the chores, she usually dealt.
Finishing her work, drained, she felt.
With aching body, that haggard lady;
Glossed herself and got ready.
She reached her workplace, engaged in her work;
‘How are you so perfect, madam?’ complimented a clerk.
Screaming, Screeching, Struggling, inside;
She genuinely passed a twinkling smile.
Confidently, she presented her slides;
Excellent! The boss replied.
Tired soul, back to her place;
Greeted everyone with a smiling face.
The day was hard; she was in pain.
Resting thoughts, all in vain.
People at home were waiting for food;
She prepared it all without being rude.
‘It’s not my favorite dish’
‘It’s not what I wish.’
On hearing this, she got enraged;
At her agitation, she was herself amazed.
She felt sorry for losing the patience;
She couldn’t help, these mood fluctuations.
Happens this time, she had somewhere read;
Still prepared the dessert, before going to bed.
Took her pills and slept in her room, as she came;
The next day was going to be the same.
It’s the story of every other dame.
She works more than the body allows, for sure.
In deeds, she’s praiseworthy, and in body, she’s pure.

Poet’s Note:

Here the poet tries to convey the pain, emotions, and mood swings of a woman going through her menstrual cycle.

It is not unusual for her to bear the physical, mental and psychological pain. She does not only bear it, but she carries it with dignity and smile. Even when a woman feels a sharp twinge of pain, she never complains and continues fulfilling her personal as well as professional duties.
She provides you with a socio-cultural life. She herself becomes a temple for her loved ones at times; she is excluded from a worshipping place, social and cultural life.

How can we associate the cultural beliefs of impurity with someone who is giving her life away to make you culturally strong? This is the main idea behind this poem.

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  1. Feels so soothing to read this, and i read on, i can imagine the scenario infront of me. So soothing it is. Looking forward for more articles like these. ❤

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