Poem: Exemplary model of freedom

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Freedom will come when those poor, homeless children stuck in the vicious cycle moving from poverty to apathy to indignity to injustice to inequality to subjugations to brutality to merciless death, view this world not as a prison enclosing upon them, but as an open book in which each page is carved with pleasure-seeking memories and life-enriching experiences.

In this patriarchal society, freedom will come when each girl will be able to trace their footsteps on a dark gloomy night, symbolic of her exploring the world despite the darkness engulfing her, and quenching that thirst of aspiration which she had set as an infant.

Freedom will come when those who have been ripped off their trust that they had on humanity, because of the unethical act of some cold-hearted people drowned in the sea of insensitivity, called rapists, are looked upon proudly as survivors and fighters instead of undermining them as victims.

Freedom will come when the lower caste tears apart stereotypes attached to the hierarchical caste system, walk over them, the weight of their self-confidence and their self-esteem crushing those entirely, and enter a world where calmness, peace and dignity reverberate and create such a soothing effect, diminishing those unwanted, unacceptable and unworthy feelings of greed, superiority, selfishness and dominance.

Freedom will come when words such as blind, deaf, crippled will be released from the clutches grasping them and giving it a derogatory implication, and will merely denote a group of people who are not only physically disabled but, alas, are by the virtue of this society subjugated to mental atrocities too.

Freedom will come when this madness of communal violence will be halted and Ayodhya disputes, Godhra riots and Operation Blue Star would be the last chapter in the history of communal disharmony. 

Freedom will come when the LGBTQ+ community won’t have to surpass feelings of worthlessness, shame and guilt, but when they usher an era of enlightenment where gender, caste, class, race, ethnicity, religion, language won’t act as divisive forces.

Freedom will come when there won’t be any other George Floyd with the last words “I can’t breathe” when history won’t protect the side and the atrocities of the victors and relegate the side of the voiceless to oblivion.  

Freedom will come when the human body won’t just be a product of biological mechanisms but will reunite with long-lost feelings and humanely emotions of love, strength, sympathy, empathy and trust because all humanity demands are for those breathing bodies and beating hearts to be humans again.

Freedom will come when words such as unity, cooperation, brotherhood, peace will have deeper connotations and won’t just be words attached to strings loosely tied to humanity when these words won’t just be sounds but voices, which when struck on the eardrum will not only activate our brain, mind and soul but will rejuvenate us as human beings.

Featured Image Credits: Sri Harsha Dantuluri

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