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Walking here is full of surprises 
Each day in itself is a crisis.

You think, your past will leave you 
And when you tell the truth everyone will believe you 
But this isn’t how it works here
You have to lose first, in order to get there 

You try to save the sinking ship 
But soon you remember a promise and leave it all to - Gossip 

You leave some people 
But the heart spirals around in the same old circles

Now you have nothing left, but the memories
And lots and lots of worries
In penance your heart sinks everyday
Hoping that someday it will all go away

You know now they all think of you less,
New day passes but leaves behind the old mess

Reality knocks on your door once and then twice
But you again refuse to take her advice.

Featured Image- Pixabay
Divya Gupta
Divya Gupta is just trying to find words for every feeing . She firmly believes in power of love and empathy . She foresees words as a powerful tool in changing course of people’s lives.


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