Hyderabad veterinary doctor Disha’s last call: English Translation

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A government veterinary doctor was brutally murdered on the outskirts of Shamshabad, near Hyderabad, who went missing on the night of Wednesday, 27th Nov 2019. The voice call is available here on popular media.

The victim, Disha, made a call to her sister explaining her situation moments before she was trapped by four lorry drivers/cleaners, as arrested by the police. The following is the last call she had with her younger sister, being addressed as ‘papa’, and ‘thalli’. The transcript is an English translation of the call in Telugu.

Conversation begins

Disha, Victim: Did you go to the office, papa?

Her Sister: Yes, I did.

Victim: Um…

Her Sister: Okay.

Victim: Mine is finished just now…I just came.

Her Sister: Um…Okay

Victim: Talk…

Her Sister: Ah.

Victim: Talk for some time.

Her Sister: Why..What happened?

Victim: Talk, I will tell you later.

Her Sister: Is there an accident?

Disha, Victim: I feel tense a lot.

Her Sister: Is there an accident there?

Victim: Ah

Her Sister: Is there any accident at Gachibowli?

Victim: I didn’t understand.

Her Sister: I asked if you met with an accident.

Victim: No

Her Sister: Then?


Her Sister: Hello

Victim: Ah…I told you no, I keep bike there every time and go…so…today also I kept there. The person at toll gate said we shouldn’t keep bikes there and that police just then took away someone’s bike. So, there is another road at the outer ring road no, I kept it there.

Victim: I kept it there, went, and came back. The scooty is punctured.

Her Sister: Then keep it there and come home.

Victim: Should I leave it and come? Who would get it back tomorrow morning?

Her Sister: Someone should go and get it back.

Disha, Victim: Whom should we take?

Her Sister: Mechanic.

Victim: Mechanic, ah?

Her Sister: Yes.

Victim: Does it not go even a little far if it is punctured?

Her Sister: Try and see.

Victim: Back tyre.

Her Sister: I don’t know, akkayya.

Victim: Ah?…

Her Sister: I don’t know.

Victim: Then, let me tell you. There is a lorry here. There are people in it…one of them got down and told me he would get it repaired and took it away.

Her Sister: Didn’t he get it back?

Disha, Victim: He got it. But he got it saying the shop is closed. He said he would take it to another shop, and….I feel scared.

Her Sister: And?

Victim: And he said he would bring it back and left.

Her Sister: Did he not bring it back?

Victim: Means…He just left. I feel scared, papa.

Her Sister: Isn’t anyone there around?

Victim: Yeah…there are vehicles…there is also the Toll gate there, no?

Her Sister: Um…

Victim: Um…I said I’d leave, but these guys are after me like ghosts saying it would stop mid-way…I feel scared.

Her Sister: Why? What would happen? Stay at the toll gate.

Victim: Um…They are standing out.

Her Sister: Who?

Victim: Lorry guys

Her Sister: Go and stand at the toll gate.

Victim: There?

Her Sister: Um…

Victim: Speak, papa. I feel scared.

Her Sister: Stand where they give ticket at the toll.

Victim: Ah?

Her Sister: Tollbooth, is there no? Go there. Go there and stand.

Victim: What’s this! There is no one here suddenly. They were here only somehow till now. Yeah…I can see someone now!…I said I’d leave and sat on the scooty…One of them came down and said madam, madam, this got punctured and sent a boy to get it repaired. The ghost boy went and came back with nothing. He said there is another shop…I told them I’d be late, but they said I’d be delayed, and it would stop midway and are after me.

Her Sister: Yeah. What would you do if it really stopped midway?

Victim: I feel very scared here.

Her Sister: Go to the toll gate and stand there.

Victim: Everyone would watch me if I stand there.

Her Sister: There would be people there. Go.

Victim: These guys look scary.

Her Sister: Go to the toll gate and stand there.

Victim: No…I feel like crying.

Her Sister: They why did you go so late.

Victim: Not late really, Thalli

Her Sister: Okay, then I’d call later.

Victim: I feel scared papa, these ghost guys did not get the scooty back yet.

Her Sister: They would get it back.

Victim: I don’t want to stand here at all.

Her Sister: Go to the toll gate and stand.

Victim: What?

Her Sister: Go to the toll gate and stand.

Disha, Victim: Everyone who passes by keeps looking at me if I go there.

Her Sister: Let them watch. I’d call back again.

Victim: Pls talk for some time papa, till the bike comes back…5 mins only, how could you do this? I’m alone here on the road.

Her Sister: Okay, why should you go so late then?

Victim: I got the work done then. Isn’t it?

Her Sister: Was it so important…Why couldn’t you go tomorrow? 

Victim: I was told there is an inspection meeting tomorrow…

Her Sister: Okay, I’d call after some time.

Victim: …Sunday, or Monday, I would anyway be taken to the temple. I am not able to manage it at all…I feel scared watching these guys. The ghost boy did not turn up yet.

Her Sister: Okay, I’d call you in some time.

Disha: (wailing noises) No papa.

Her Sister: I’d call you again in 5 mins.

Conversation ends

The victim’s true identity has not been revealed as per the Supreme court directives on matters related to sexual assault.

Featured Image Credits: Telangana Today

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  1. Why can’t we adopt harsh laws and actions against these heinous people who commit such crimes. For these heinous people India must adobt strict laws as UAE has. These people will come again and again if we don’t have strict rules. Also they must be burnt alive or chopped their head off either hindu or muslim.

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