Secret confessions of a mother of a half-pint

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(Warning: Tight hugs and lots of kisses, wet toilet seats, chaos and lots of movement ahead!!)

Lush green meadows, clear skies and a bright shining sun in the horizon.

The heroine clad in a close-fitting stunning white gown adorned in the most flamboyant manner that one could imagine. She was much more than being called beautiful. Her smile was so angelic that even renowned poets and authors would be dumbstruck to describe her alluring soulful smile. Her twinkling deep-set eyes were looking farther away, straining her ears to the distant galloping sounds of a horse’s hooves.

Lo and Behold! Our hero on a white stallion makes way. As he comes closer, one sees he has the wind in his hair. With such confidence, he tames the stallion, which is eminent from his physique. He stops in front of the lady and bends over to…..


Dishum! Dishum!

“Abba, Look!”

I see an animated superhero all set to finish the animated bad guys.

I smirk. YES! Enter-my 3-year-old toddler – Akki.

You could probably guess that he just switched the TV channels. It’s actually not about just losing the TV controls to him. You ought to comprehend that this little whippersnapper shook the very foundation of my being for good. 

My life, before and after having a son or before and after becoming a mother, put in simple words is analogous to that Product X-factor (for instance) fairness cream commercial. Its script goes something like this :

Before: a dark-skinned woman fails to find a decent job, a youngster doesn’t get a boyfriend, a dark-complexioned guy has no friends and is not so popular.

The subjects use the Product X-factor, and then epic happens.

After: the woman gets a top job, the youngster dates a handsome dude, and as for the guy- he becomes the talk-of-the-town.

This is exactly what happened with my life too. In a blink of an eye, my life was up for a toss. 

Read further to know more.

This bumpy but eventful ride of motherhood dates back to three years ago. My little one came out wailing with his sirens all blaring, and I was all smiles despite the pain I had to endure as I was sliced on the table. Little was I to know my world would soon be turned around by this little man in my arms who was sleeping blissfully with a smile (As though to say I know what you just thought. Buh!)

1) Compromise on the sleep cycle

Before becoming a mother, I take pride in saying I had a strict night schedule which I followed religiously. Compromising on my night sleep was totally out of the question for anything in the world. Ironically, right from day 1, I have succeeded immensely in breaking that cycle, thanks to the demands of my little chap.

2) Bed space stolen

Everything in life is about a balance. I understood this adage when sleeping with my little one has been about skillfully balancing myself at the edge of my bed (KING-SIZE-mind you) to keep myself from toppling over. Planned encroachment by the tiny tot.

3) Ordeal with Legos

My war with Legos has already begun in full swing. At one point, I would step on them barefooted, and I would want to bang my head on the wall. Yet at another point, I would find them whiz past me like some dangerous missiles. I have learned Legos are ubiquitous – yes, they can be found everywhere – my purse, under my pillow, in my dressing drawers even in my kitchen utensils.

4)  “Take your hands out of your pants.”

You can actually find me pacing around the house at any hour of the day screaming my lungs out “take your hands out of your pants’ instead of humming to the tune of Kuch tum kaho….kuch hum kahein. Well! Yes, that’s another bizarre change that little brat has brought about in my life.

5) Change in the outfit preferences

Earlier I used to spend hours together in front of the mirror embellishing and bedecking myself with all kinds of stuff. But today, it’s all about dressing up in a jiffy. Nowadays dressing up has never been so comfortable with denim and PJs around being my best friends’ forever. I have totally become a low maintenance woman, thanks to him.

6) Mastering culinary skills

To keep up to the demands of my little prankster, culinary skills have taken off to a whole new level. For instance, baking was never my cup-of-tea. But as a mother, today baking goodies for him comes with ease.

7) My motivational pill

Being a passionate classical dancer, I somehow manage to squeeze in time of my busy schedule to do some serious choreography. It is a sheer joy to find him by my side performing in his toddler style. It actually encourages pushing past my comfort zone and overcoming my inhibitions. He is inevitably devoted when it comes to watching my dance videos which again is a great motivation to push myself harder. It has been a lot about taking the leap of faith with calculated risks rather than playing it safe.

8) Gaming skills

Today, everything revolves around games like cricket and football. I am an ardent cricket fan, and football was never my thing. Times have changed. Today, I can probably kick the football to a good distance and actually place a goal. In cricket, I have always been fond of batting, but today I am his favourite bowler. He loves playing to my pace and loves hitting it across in style.

Sometimes, I do get pounced on, kicked at and literally, throat punched but, at the end of the day when the little one is all worn-out, all it takes is a sweet, warm cuddle together. And then love is in the air. The way he looks at me and his bear hugs are an assurance to the doubtful mind that I am doing this whole mother thing just right for him and wipe away all my superficial insecurities. At times, he acts silly, and I would want to pull my hair out but, then I realize he is little only for a short while, and then we end up laughing at each other, and the temporary madness is all forgotten.

As I write this article, he is speeding across the room, screaming his lungs out for no specific reason. I wonder where he gets so much energy from. I guess, raising boys is all about managing the decibel surge and the total frantic chaos at home. I love listening to him pour his heart out, and at times if he is hurt, he comes running to me for an embrace just to ensure that everything would be sorted out. It’s all the more adorable to see the way he comes running to me when he senses that I am hurt and does everything in his power to pacify me—my little knight in shining armour and his protective instincts at play.

My little champ has this uncanny knack of getting things done his way at times, and I tend to hold on to my stubborn “NO”. And then comes the dramatic part of it all. He gives me those puppy-eyed looks, and your heart melts like ice. Ruthless….totally!

I am his superhero who is expected to grab toys he throws at me in Matrix style-you know all that flying in the air sort of thing.

Although I still have many questions unanswered, I realize the bonding between a mother and son is undeniably the world’s best, and he is always the mother’s true love. And despite all the changes in my life, my little world revolves around him, and for sure his world starts and ends with me. With Akki in my life, a whole new world has unfolded before my eyes – a man’s world which is not all that bad after all. I can happily say I am enjoying every bit of being a mother.

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