How my father cured my migraine through laughter

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I always understand or observe things in life, mostly through feeling for it. All of us, in general, would love to share our views, talk with someone when being stressed, either be it, friends, or family members. I usually like to speak with anyone, as I feel that would be a great stress buster. I feel it reduces anxiety, depression, and fear, also sometimes helps getting clarity in thoughts when confused. But, does it also cure a migraine?

Whenever I travel, I get quickly acquainted with people around me, and I learn and enjoy a lot when talking with people. Maybe because of this, I love traveling. I had realized many times that talking and enjoying the talks with a good sense of humor would even control lifestyle diseases. Sometimes, it is also a soothing experience for people being affected mentally. I had felt this in many instances that I have good time while talking, and it also reduces worries and boosts high energy.

I would like to share an incident that happened yesterday while I was having a good time with my family. For the past few months, I have been used to migraine headaches where the general advice which I had got is it lasts for a few days and at times weeks, and that it needs some pills so that I can just sleep. I usually have more interest in topics related to psychology, and I used to surf for solutions. So when I started discussing it with doctors and my fellow friends, they said we get migraines due to stress, being too good to others, and some also said reasons are unknown. When surfed, I did not get a proper response, and I suffer a lot out of not knowing how to cure this and feel very irritated by not being able to focus on anything.

Yesterday was a magical day for me. My morning started with this migraine headache, and I felt I lost my day already. I had a very dunce day of being so weak. Like always, I had the same experience of not being able to enjoy my weekend, and I was not interested in talking or reading anything. All I felt was the heaviness of my headache and my inability to not being able to spend my time usefully. I would say when in the evening when I had to spend time with my family members, I didn’t feel like talking to anyone, and I abstained too. When my mother tried to cure my migraine by making me engaged in talking, I didn’t have the feel to speak or communicate.

Gradually when my father started talking, I was shocked as I always thought he was an introvert and did not talk much in general. My judgment proved wrong, as he was funny and his talks healed me, where the costliest medicines or the expert doctors were ineffective. When my headache got vanished within a few seconds after enjoying the humor, I was amazed at what happened and how it got cured. I could not derive the reasons for I had been relieved from the pain, and I also found expressions to narrate my feelings of the incident. I was puzzled and felt that life is always a discovery, and we are still learning.

Each one’s experience and learning is unique, and sometimes it may not even be perceived or understood by others. It can’t be felt most of the time by others and sometimes even by ourselves. Now, I would also say that talking sometimes could be the best medicine and reliever of anything. I thought of sharing this happy feeling where this can be an iota for anyone to find a stress buster. Experience learned through one’s feelings would be the best learning for anyone.

I feel rejoiced while writing this piece of article as I have got a fresh happy experience to share with all. This might also help someone to discover self-curing while medicines may not help them.

I would like to say through this article that sometimes our problems can be solved through unimagined ways. Life is always fresh, new, full of puzzles riddles with solutions where sometimes it comes to us directly, and at times we need to go, search for it. For me, yesterday, my pain relief was a cakewalk, and it is sheer magic. I would like to share from my experience that there are more unknown medicines around us to cure us like jolly talks, playing with pets, gardening, sports, shopping, traveling, etc.

I would thank my father for being a doctor. His fun was the pill that cured my headache, and relieve me from the pain. All of us in this world should have loving and joyful people around us to make oneself optimistic and have more beautiful memories and happily spent times.

This is a boon for humanity to have lovely people around us to share our feelings, both happy or sad, and giving solutions to help us in cultivating ourselves for leading a happy life.

Yesterday’s experience taught me to make people around happy. Sharing those buoyant experiences with others is essential because we do not want to be lonely. Someone might also need a friend to share their feelings. We also feel psychologically depressed when we are not able to enjoy a feeling of belongingness.

Thus, while being a friend to share hands with others who need us to share their worries, we can sustain hope in being human. To gain each other’s trust is important to remove loneliness and pain in everyone’s hearts towards leading an enjoyable life. Let’s live and let others live the seed, which I love to harvest through my writing.

Raghavi finished her B.A.B.L and is currently working for Cobra Legal Associates. She is also a contributing writer at The ArmChair Journal.

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