God of masses is back as Waltair Veerayya

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Whenever Megastar Chiranjeevi appears on the silver screen, crowds flock to watch his dance, fights, and comedy. After his re-entry, Chiranjeevi struggled to entertain his fans. Finally, the vintage Chiranjeevi is seen in his latest film “Waltair Veerayya”. The movie is directed by Bobby who knows how to show his favorite hero to the fans.


Waltair Veeraya (Chiranjeevi), a Vizag fisherman, needs money to pay for legal defense. CI Seethapathi (Rajendra Prasad) approaches him to extradite Solomon Caesar (Bobby Simha) from Malaysia to India. The agreement is accepted, and Veerayya, along with his friends and Seethapathi’s brother-in-law (Vennele Kishore), departs for Malaysia. They decide to capture Caesar after checking into one of his hotels. Veerayya visits Caesar’s place to trade drugs with Caesar. Later, Veeraya is invited by Caesar to his private party, where a group of masked men attacks Caesar, but their plans are foiled by Veerayya, who later learns that they are hotel staff. Caesar expresses his admiration and offers to ask him something in return for saving his life. Veeraya asks him to return to India and Caesar agrees, but soon learns of their plot and separates. Veerayya kills Caesar in a public showdown in the caves of Batu, where a helpless Michael (Prakash Raj) witnesses it all and reveals that Michael is his ultimate target.

In a flashback episode, Michael, in the guise of a fisherman named Kala, acts as a friend and confidant of Veeraya. Unbeknownst to Veeraya, Michael supplies drugs from the ice factory. Newly appointed ACP Vikram Sagar (Ravi Teja), Veeraiah’s half-brother, comes to Vizag and busts the drug syndicate. One day, a worker at an ice factory accidentally supplies cocaine wrapped in ice to a school, resulting in the death of 25 children. Michael subsequently frames Veeraya and plans to flee to Malaysia. The police arrest Veeraiah and decide to kill him in an encounter to quell public anger. Believing that Veeraiah is innocent, Sagar steals the seized drugs to bait Michael. He comes to Veerayya’s place to shoot a secretly planned encounter to catch Michael. Sagar gets stabbed by his senior officer and Michael. Veerayya tries to take the critically injured Sagar to the hospital, but he dies on the way. Veerayya decides to bring Michael back to India to prove his brother’s sincerity. Veerayya pits Michael against his drug partner who blows up his base of operations. A rival gang tries to kill Michael, and he agrees to come to India with Veerayya and give evidence in court, in exchange for his life. With the help of a RAW agent, Veerayya brings Michael back to India. The court recognizes Sagar’s valor and grants him state honors by taking Michael’s testimony. To fulfill his brother’s last wish of avenging the children’s deaths, Veerayya chops Michael’s head in the courtroom and serves a prison sentence.


The director has succeeded in bringing the elements that the fans want apart from the story and narrative in the film. The costumes worn by Chiranjeevi in ​​this movie are the highlight because the character he is playing has similarities with his old movies like Mutamestri(1993) and Andarivaadu(2005), so the director has copied the costumes’ style of those old movies and treated the audience with that vintage Chiranjeevi. In this movie, Chiru entertained the audience with lungi and flower shirt costumes. Especially in a scene during Chiru’s journey to Malaysia, he is seen in a different walking style that resembles the walking style scene of his old film Shankar Dada M.B.B.S(2004) for the same scene director bobby has added fan-feasting elements like the hero walking along with the air hostess. 

There is a separate fan base for Chiru’s beedi smoking style. In the introduction scene itself, the director offered a beedi in Chiru’s mouth. After his return, he did not do such smoking scenes in his films. Chiru is famous for his comedy timing. His last film before entering politics was the full-length comedy entertainer Shankar Dada Zindabad (2007) and he did not act in a full-length comedy role after his comeback, but Chiranjeevi played a full-length comedy role in his latest film Waltair Veerayya and charms his fans with his comedic timing. He shares the screen with Shruti Haasan to show his romantic angle, especially some elevator scenes where he stares into Shruti’s eyes are well executed. 

Chiranjeevi is remembered for his dance steps. He has been trying out some innovative dance steps in his films to woo the audience since his first film. He worked with many great choreographers like Sundaram, Prabhudeva, and Lawrance. Our Mega Star Chiranjeevi was the first to introduce the concept of break dancing in India. Choreographer Shekhar VJ has composed the dance in this film keeping chiru’s old film dance steps as a reference. Notably, he recreated the signature step from the movie Mutamestri (1993) in the song “Boss Party” and fans enjoyed seeing these steps on the big screen. In another song “Nikemo Andamekkua” he did a simple signature step with Shruti Haasan which made it memorable for a long time. It is no exaggeration to say that our megastar danced better than Ravi Teja in the song “Poonakaalu Loading”.

The songs composed by Devisree Prasad are also very good. A special mention goes to the song “Sridevi Chiranjeevi” highlighting the hit pair combo from the movie Jagadeka Veerudu Atiloka Sundari (1990), which elicited a lot of whistles when the lyrics were played in the theater. The fights composed by Ram Laxman were a big feast for the audience. The first fight where chiru tries to catch some smugglers in the middle of the ocean is well executed. With Chiranjeevi’s style in mind, Ram Laxman composed the fight for the “Veerayya Title Song”, which went down well on the big screen.

Finally, Waltair Veerayya is a blasting mass entertainer that feasts Chiru fans after a long time. This is a good masala mass entertainer movie to accompany the Sankranti festival with the family. It is a full-length commercial film made with songs and fights to keep Chiranjeevi’s fans in mind. Even though it is a regular routine story, the director Bobby moved the film forward with Chiranjeevi’s mass character and his comedy timing.

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