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Few days back I was asked

To write about men,

I did research on them and 

Found their introvert nature,

Of hiding their feelings.

Is it true?

I asked myself,

Why don’t we fight for them?

He, the one who sacrifices

For his women.

But nobody comforts a crying man,

Or holds his worn out heart again.

His calls are ignored in front of family,

Be it a crime against women,

He is the one you deplore.

His life is often like a fen,

Occupied with dead marsh wren.

Most women don’t marry a man,

But the money of the rich businessman.

Still, he sings like a winter wren.

Rubs wet eyes of his beloved woman,

Though tears from his cold eyes fall still.

He throws his dreams in desertion,

And fakes his smile and contentment.

His beloved asks, “Why marry a man?”

While only a few women,

Inquire, ‘How to love them?’

Pardon my mistakes,as my thoughts unpen.

Dear readers,

While fighting for women,

Didn’t we forget about;

The Men?

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