Public Health crisis as Global Totalitarianism

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To capture the essence of what, the Nazi Luftwaffe commander, Herman Goering said during the Nuremberg Trial (1945), there is a mythical quote that runs as popular folklore in the following way: 

How did you convince the German people to accept all of this?”

“It was easy and has nothing to do with Nazism. The only thing a government needs to turn people into slaves is fear. If you can find something to scare them, you can make them do anything you want.”

It was on April 17, 2020, during the peak of India’s first covid-lockdown, when my ailing grandmother passed away. My family in Hyderabad performed the last rites and grieved together, while I stayed locked in Delhi. My grandmother’s health for the past five years had been extremely bad with diabetes and multiple chronic illnesses making her bed-ridden as she awaited ‘mukti’. When her kidneys started bleeding from inside on April 12, 2020, my family rushed her immediately to the hospital. Over the next one week, the hospital in ‘doing its job’, inserted needles into the 78-year-old fragile body while she insisted the nurses against it- suggesting she wanted peace. My family, being morally helpless, submitted themselves to the dictates of the private hospital whose job, as they claimed, was to ‘save’ her life. My grandmother eventually died of comorbidities but we never got her RT PCR test done to know whether she was an ‘asymptomatic positive’ to declare her as a ‘Covid’ death. But what was most painful, apart from me realising the profound significance of not experiencing the death of a dear one,  was that neither I nor the profit-driven medical system was equipped to ease her ‘dis-ease’ by making the passage from life to death comfortable.

India is a country of about 6,40,000 villages, with over 8000 towns-cities– of which about 53 are labelled as urban metropolitan cities . Holding a growing population of over 1.3 billion, India’s pathetically weak medical system (present significantly in the cities) was never overwhelmed with any drugs/oxygen shortage during the ‘first wave’. However, during India’s tragic ‘second wave’ in April 2021, the medical system collapsed with an intake of about 10% of the ‘covid positive’ patients, with statistically 5% needing ICU beds. (The rest 90% of those affected were recovering at home as usual).

The popular response since the beginning of the lockdown, by Delhi-centric media houses & other elite social influencers, has been an instinctual “follow the science” “trust the experts!”. While there is no doubt that we ought to follow the science & trust the experts, what we are seeing is not faith in Science but rather blind faith in Scientific-Authority– which by no means has been in consensus or free of corruption. One such example showing the absence of scientific consensus is  The Great Barrington Declaration, initiated in 2020 by Dr. Sunetra Gupta, Dr. Martin Kulldoff & Dr. Jay Bhattacharya- all of whom are public health scientists, immunologists & epidemiologists with credentials of  Oxford, Stanford & Harvard. The declaration, which now has a broad support of several public health scientists & medical practitioners from across the world, has argued for ‘focused protection’ of the old & vulnerable. This declaration is one among the many scientific voices advising against the lockdown policy propagated by Neil Ferguson, Imperial College of London,  and also promptly adopted by governments of most nations across the world.  Coming from both left & right political inclinations, this declaration has now become a growing fight against the covid policies & public health management strategies being advised by WHO.

It is true that experimental practice of science demands that emergencies be dealt with without there necessarily being consensus within the scientific community. But what is worrying after one year of The Great-Reset is that many such public health scientists & medical practitioners (including Nobel Laureates) across the world are being sidelined, muted, censored & shut down in the name of  ‘Conspiracy theory. Fake-News. Anti-vaxxers.’ Why are Public Health Scientists being censored for advocating alternate public health management strategies? (Covid & emboldening of modern censorship)

I am neither a doctor nor a public health expert, nor do I have answers to the mysterious nature of the human immune system. But as a postgraduate of philosophy in liberal studies, my deliberation, research & gathering through various discussions has provoked some questions in me which I am sharing:

1. The Center for Evidence-Based Medicine (CEBM) of the University of Oxford has published a detailed study of how & why the RT PCR tests are NOT diagnostic tests. A viral culturing is additionally needed to determine the relationship between CT value, the onset of symptoms & infectivity. That is, the PCR can only test the mRNA fragment of any coronavirus & can say nothing about the ‘infection’ or ‘infectiousness’ of the virus, rendering many ‘asymptomatic positive’ cases clinically meaningless for isolation & contact tracing. Why has this been pushed aside & ignored? Is the WHO’s Test test test, Isolate, Contact Trace, Lockdown a new form of Totalitarianism? (PCR Positives – What do they mean?)   In India, at no time since February 2020 has the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare or the ICMR or PMO or Home Ministry given any data on India’s all-cause deaths. When every year in India, millions die of heart diseases and chronic respiratory illnesses, how are we to know, without the data on all-cause deaths,  that the usual deaths are not being attributed to or interfaced onto ‘covid-19’ through false PCR positives?

2. While the origin of SARS-CoV-2 has been brushed aside as a conspiracy theory & myth, there seems to be growing evidence now of the virus being manipulated by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the US at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, China, via funding of the gain-of-function research. Why have commentaries made on them been banned by Facebook, Youtube & Twitter? (Origins of Covid-19- Nicholas Wade) (Why isn’t Dr Fauci being investigated for his criminal role in the Pandemic) (‘Plan-demic’ banned as a conspiracy theory, fake news)

3. According to a Covid Dossier on Dr Fauci, compiled by David E Martin–  on April 25th, 2003, the CDC of the US filed a patent over the proprietary rights of the  SARS coronavirus isolated from humans, the disease, its detection & all of its measurement. If the virus was natural, patenting it violates international law as nature cannot be patented. If the virus was not natural, then patenting it violates the law under biological weapons? 

4. The ‘covid-19 disease’ (which is essentially a set of clinical symptoms common to humans) is well agreed to bypass 96% of the people & is largely a fatal threat to those who are old or have underlying health conditions such as obesity, diabetes, cholesterol & other chronic illnesses. The difference between children/young adults vs old is a thousand-fold. (second wave age-mortality) (Young Indians dying of Steroids).

If this is the case, on what grounds is the large asymptomatic healthy population being termed as potentially ill and in need of a vaccine? Given the nature of the pathogen, neither the vaccination nor the natural infection immunity is life-long, as both only claim to assure the avoidance of fatality and not the stopping of transmission. So where is the evidence that those who have naturally infected immunity ought to get vaccinated? Why should those with natural infection immunity be vaccinated? Even if they choose to do so, shouldn’t those with natural infection immunity be prioritised the last for any needed inoculation? In fact, the natural antibodies assure to fight broader diversity of variants as opposed to the vaccinated ones which are targeted and specific. Why then are children and young healthy adults, and those already infected, being told that their natural immunity is not enough? Shouldn’t the “vaccines for all” policy be rethought and rather be used as an aid to protect the old and vulnerable of poorer countries? (Use vaccines to protect the old and vulnerable)

5. Humanity has co-evolved with respiratory disease virus since the time there have been breathing animals on earth. So when was it in human history that Mass-Lockdown & Mass-Vaccination drives in such short intervals of time, were adopted as a public health management strategy to control a respiratory infectious virus? It is now commonly acknowledged that lockdowns serve only the educated laptop-zoom class, destroying the lives & livelihoods of billions of common people especially in the ‘developing’ world, where social distancing is affordable only by an elite while millions of small-medium businesses, fruit-sellers, mechanics, daily wage workers, etc are wrecked;  Have lockdowns worsen not just the economic situation but also of the disease & public health at large? While children ought to be growing and nurturing  at school. Isn’t locking and masking babies and children a crime? When children have proven to be most immune to the virus?Are social distancing norms, face-masks (which have no clinical evidence) and fear-psychosis behaviour being mandated unnecessarily on children and healthy people? (Nobel Laureate- Micheal Levitt on Coronavirus & Lockdown) (The hidden death-toll of Lockdown

6. Never in history have vaccines been prepared and deployed in such a short time. If it is said to take 4-7 years to authorize the long-term safety of any vaccine, has the Emergency Use Authorization of the Covid vaccine been commissioned by the Pharma company themselves- whose records in the past seem to be nefarious? Why were steroids like Remdesivirs, and Plasma therapy authorised and popularised in the first place, if they had to be taken down? Were the easily & cheaply available drugs like Ivermectin (or HCQ?) which treat covid patients been recommended against by the CDC in order to promote “Universal Mass Vaccine ”?  (Don’t mention Ivermectin it will upset the Vaccine roll-out) Dr. Peter McCullough, vice chief of internal medicine at Baylor University Medical Center, asserted in March 2021 that “as many as 85 percent of COVID deaths could have been prevented through early treatment.” While the use of  Ivermectin has been blocked, this isn’t the first time that medicines that easily treat are being suppressed under the carpet. (Dr. Fauci during AIDS in 1988 ~ Gay Activist

8. The risks of mass vaccination & of antibody-dependent enhancement which creates more infectious virulents have been highlighted by several virologists including Nobel Laureate Luc Montagnier. (The man who isolated HIV). 

Do the mass-vaccination drives have anything to do with the unprecedented second wave surge in India, which otherwise was safer the previous year? Have the mass-vaccination drives created the surge on a population which was otherwise immune? While the vaccinations have now been opened for all in India, why hasn’t there been an online portal to register feedback, consequences and any adverse affects? Is there any tracking of post-vaccination deaths/side effects

(Letter to WHO by Geertz V Bossche) (Antibody-dependent enhancement

9. While large segments of India, like always, have been recovering through usual home remedies & consultation with local family allopathic doctors, vaidya, siddhas, hakims and other informally authentic medicinal practices, several traditional practitioners of ayurveda, unani, rekhi, tibetan healing etc; have been sidelined or worse driven underground by a metropolitan climate that seeks to silence alternate knowledge systems by cancelling them. Is a tyrannical ‘Scientism’ being promoted at the cost of alternative medicinal practices and knowledge systems? (How China Treated 85% Of Their COVID-19 Patients Through Traditional Chinese Medicine)

10. Lastly, how is it that nobody has yet bothered about one-man Bill Gates funding over 4.3 bn$ to WHO, over 1 bn $ towards Covid modelling, data-stats, over 500 mn $ towards Vaccine research & development, over 200 mn$ towards CDC, NIAID & 55 mn $ towards international media? (Bill Gates & Universal Vaccination) (Do Vaccine Passports not remind us of Nuremberg?)

While I am aware that these questions and claims have been treated as fake news & conspiracy theories by so-called ‘fact-checkers’, I can’t help but question whether if our information order, mainstream media, what we google, where we derive our facts, information, data, etc; being authorised not just by the governments but by a profit driven algorithm that serves the global-infotech-pharma industrial complex? In other words, in giving the illusion of democratizing communication through the internet, has the current extraction-based model of global-monopolistic-capitalism reached that stage of total control over the information order?

There are many other questions but this piece can suffice only some. Since I am not a doctor or public health scientist, I do not claim to have any answers or assertive truths. But as the evidence on the origins of the virus has now gathered respectable attention, exposing the fact checkers and science cartels, I can only hope that I am terribly wrong at raising all the above questions. However, even if half of the above questions and claims find some truth to them, then perhaps we ought to realize that we are into something serious. 

While it is deeply tragic that many in India have died, in the past two months, due to poor health infrastructure and mismanaged resource distribution, it would be revealing to acknowledge that on an average- over 21 lakh die every year of heart diseases, over 18 lakh die every year with stroke, & over 9 lakh die every year of ‘chronic respiratory illnesses (COPD)’ (Many of which have probably been merged onto Covid-19). Imagine the grief & trauma it would induce in the minds of media consumers if these deaths were televised daily to create fear and hysteria. This is not to say that the current crisis is bogus and ought to be taken lightly or uncaringly. There is no doubt that many recent deaths attributed to ‘covid-19’ ought to be reflected upon through facts, governance accountability, disaster management infrastructure and the entire profit-driven medical system must be rethought. But it seems it is only after April 2021, that Delhi-centric journalists seem to have now woken up to dead bodies floating in Ganga and at the larger health crisis of chronic-disease-epidemic occurring for many decades due to the chemicalized agriculture-food-system & unhealthy consumer metropolitan lifestyles. 

As American society (about 70% of population on prescription drugs) has exemplified, the normalisation of ill-health and the glorification of pharmaceutical drugs as elixirs only serves in creating an industry that perpetuates an invisible epidemic. It would be a gross error to replicate a society where human bodies are commodified and made dependent on prescribed pharmaceutical drugs. Humanity in the past has been through many epidemic outbreaks from swine flu, chickenpox, H1N1, ebola, malaria, infleunza etc; On a daily basis, we humans also keep encountering seasonal fevers, illnesses, fatal risks, and accidents, which pose a threat to our lives and constantly remind us of our mortality. But for the first time in the history of humanity, faith in human biological systems is being eroded on a global scale and being displaced onto a flimsy medical system driven by a nefarious global-pharma industrial complex. While it is well known that medicines and other interventions only aid human healing, we are being told that the knowledge of healing is something that is not present inside the body but resides outside of it. This human knowledge of natural immunity- the way of nature’s intelligence to take birth, grow, sustain, live, suffer and die, is under attack. We will do ourselves and society a great service if we remind ourselves that health is something that can only be aided and not injected.

While we have learned through history that totalitarianism creeps into society in ways even the best intellectuals don’t imagine. What a tragedy it would be, if the ones who have waited all their lives to fight Nazi-totalitarianism, never really turned up! 

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