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Laughing and crying with those same six people, again and again. Watching them create stories and bonds – something resonated with all of us that we couldn’t get out of it. 

These unknown people are so different from us…still we were able to connect to them, and relate to them based on a simple relationship that is – FRIENDSHIP. 

We all seek that connection in our life, the connection marvellously displayed by these six men and women. We all want that, which made us connect with some Americans far away from our culture. 

All the complexities of life often push us towards the edge and we all long for that social group who would catch us, who we know won’t leave us, to whom we can say whatever the hell we want, and they won’t judge us, that one social group we call our FRIENDS

The human connection we long for, that feeling of being acknowledged, the feeling of being respected, and most importantly the feeling of being trusted by someone is by far the greatest experience. 

The characters who always make us laugh, today made us cry, once again after 17 years. 

Ross, with his loving and courageous heart, taught us what love and passion meant. Rachel, with her ignorant yet kind and thoughtful personality, stole our hearts. She made us understand the importance of change and following one’s heart. Phoebe in the show was as essential as breathing to life. We felt an instant connection towards a woman who had a rough start in her life but embraced the misfortune with kindness and positivity; she won all our hearts by being so weirdly gracious and was truly one of a kind. Joey with his inability to understand complex things understood love very well; Supporting every character with warmth, his contribution of Joey in the show is truly remarkable. The true testament of a strong woman is our Monica; she brought to the show stability; she was a pillar of strength that every character relied upon; she was the glue holding the group together. 

Sarcasm – got his definition with Chandler, socially awkward but made us crack every time we saw him on the screen; without Chandler, the story would never have been complete and funny. 

The reunion happened and we all just realise one thing – it was always about these six who together make us feel at home. 

The tears, the laugh, the huddle, the love, the friendship – everything on one platter made us cry but we loved it.

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