Soumyadeep Chowdhury


Soumyadeep is a post-graduate candidate in Political Science aspiring for the UPSC examinations. Apart from bagging the Gold Medal in Political Science Honours from St Xavier's College (Autonomous), Calcutta under the University of Calcutta, he has also been a CBSE state topper having several student leadership positions to his credit while he was in school and college. He intends to specialise in Indian Politics, Comparative Government and Psephology. Describing himself as an 'election nerd' keenly observing and tracking election results in Democracies around the world, decoding the 'qualitative in the quantitative', regularly publishing on Indian Politics, an area which he considers his forte, in journals and online blogs, Soumyadeep is an avid public speaker on issues of contemporary socio-political importance for, he believes, words are incredibly powerful to change the world.