My mini cosmos: A world of Imagination

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“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere”, rightly said by the guy who gave us the equation ‘e=mc^2’. Isn’t it flabbergasting that we can ramble around a whole galaxy, while sitting at the comfort of our home, sipping a warm cup of coffee? If you’re wondering if it costs a fortune, in my opinion, it actually doesn’t. Neither does it charge an airplane ticket nor does it require an astronaut’s dear spaceship nor even a short stride down the street. All it takes is an IMAGINATIVE psyche and you’re good to go. What is the world other than a canvas to the tints of imagination? All this evolution is the artwork of imaginations, of those great minds, which actually turned out to be nifty. Well, then how about having the whole canvas inside the nucleus of a comparatively petite thing?

It all started when I was 8, a happy childhood, and I was still at the dunce level of understanding the real world. I was a teeny kid, happy in my own LaLa Land. The small toy that comes with every KinderJoy had me excited and jumpy. My stubborn self never used to understand the point of buying a family pack of ice cream on the way back home, rather than having it at the restaurant. Very pertinent to the conjecture, the school looked like a haunted house to me and teachers played the witches and zombies coming after my poor little brain. The only thing I used to anticipate was watching TV at night with the whole family, once we all got home. The chilled air from the cooler, the company of my loved ones, and the joyous evening, everything about going back home had me daydreaming. With all these thoughts in mind, I managed to endure the haunted trip every day. I was the happiest kid on the whole bus, smiling ear to ear throughout the joyride back home. At night, Mom used to hand me a hot cup of Bournvita, and then I was a calm kid after Ice Age was played. Compelled by and drawn into what seemed illusory, my senses were nowhere to be found in the real world. But one day something really caught my attention. One of the most adored characters, Sid, whose witty brain is the backbone of all humour, goes “You have really tiny brains”, referring to the Rhinos. That’s when I decided to put my 8-year-old brain to use and all I could come up with was this crazy imagination.

Remember the tiny princess Thumbelina, who was just the size of a thumb? In the same vein, I had this imagination that the whole mighty universe exists inside my TV which I used to watch with great adoration. I thought that the whole mini-world has been acting out all the scenes inside my TV and we get to watch the magnified version of the same. Where is the lady reading out the news? She’s inside my TV, not at the news station. The dinosaurs from Jurrasic Park, where are they? Are they extinct? No! They’re not, because they are roaring from inside my TV. I fancied that if I loosen up all the screws and open the TV apart, I would find a whole new universe and I can juggle around with the Earth, Jupiter and Mars. When I liked a particular scene, my mind used to go “You are doing a great job in there, little man.” When I saw a horror movie, thoughts used to cross my brain about getting amulets to tie up the TV with, so that the ghosts wouldn’t come out to spook my living self.

Ah, those were the days! Childhood holds that adorable innocence, allowing a child to be away from the dirt and filthy noise of worldly life. As one grows older, childhood becomes more and more attached to the heart. A good nostalgic ride down those alleys is, for sure, one of everyone’s favourite pastimes. Now that I have grown pretty old to estimate the possibilities of the world, reminiscing everything, my little self and this imagination that I had then always put a smile on my face and still leaves me wondering about all the ‘what ifs’. What if my imagination come true? What if I open apart my electronic devices and find a Thumbelina walking out? Just what if…

Some of them might seem a little bovine. But that’s the whole point of imagination. The imaginative world is sometimes better than the real one, for it runs as per the command and order of our minds. Once in a while, forget the real world and glide around the streets of imagination. Imagination is that fun activity that has neither a bound nor a hitch. How would it feel if we all actually had a whole universe inside our TVs? Where would the world be, right now, if this fun activity of the mind didn’t exist? I’ll leave it to your IMAGINATION……

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