What we are

The ArmChair Journal is for individuals seeking high spirited meaning in life. Our approach to writing and understanding is through Theels. Theels are to hold both thoughts and feelings acting together in understanding and perceiving the world.

Our platform is designed for the same: To share long writings of more than 1200 words from people who share a concern about the world, as well as to serve as a platform for those who want to enrich their perceptions of the world through discussions.

www.armchairjournal.com serves as the space that hosts articles from everyone, while www.theel.armchairjournal.com hosts discussions – Our discussion platform is named Theel Society. You can participate in any of them.

Our approach to writings and discussions is not through logic, or reason. We believe our perception of the world has to be close to how we live- through both reason and emotion acting together. That’s why The ArmChair Journal is a platform that Theels. Theels are thought and feelings acting together to perceive the world.

Do you share a concern to shape public discourse for the better? Do you theel, Theels are a better way to participate in public discourse? Our platform is for you. Own it and shape the public discourse. We are not here to make money.

Start Theeling!

The ArmChair Journal does not subscribe to any views. All the views expressed are the views of the respective authors.

To incorporate the spirit of understanding reality through both thought and feeling, the journal has adopted ‘Theel’ as the idea that binds both reason and emotion; aka, thought and feeling, together towards comprehending matters of life. The wavy triangle intricated in the heart is the mixture of thought and feeling. This is the symbol of ‘Theel’ as proposed by the journal.

Join us to theel on life!